Bathing A Newborn

Bathing A Newborn

We love bath time! Bath time helps promote social-emotional development. Your gentle, loving touch during the baby’s bath and cuddle time afterward supports your baby’s healthy happy development. Research shows that your touch promotes healthy social-emotional development and enhances your baby’s motor skills. 

What you’ll need for bath time:

-Baby tub

-Tender Newborn Wash 

-Silky Body Lotion

-Cuddly Hooded Baby Bath Towel

-Nourishing Baby Oil 

1. Fill tub with water and test temperature to make sure not too hot 

2. Wipe baby’s eyes from inside coroner outward with cotton pad 

3. Pour water over baby’s belly to rinse him/her off and keep him/her warm

4. Wash baby’s face, neck, and behind baby’s ears (making sure to get behind every crease and fold) 

5. Lastly, wash baby’s head to prevent him/her from getting cold 

6. Dry baby off before applying our Silky Body Lotion and Nourishing Baby Oil from head-to-toe

Have Fun and celebrate your baby’s accomplishments, such as squeezing the water from the sponge or floating a toy. Explore and play games like patting the water back-and-forth to make a splash. Cuddle up together after bath time and share a bonding moment. This makes baby feel loved, building his/her self-esteem as well as practicing the skill of engaging with activities together. Healthy Babies, Happy Mommies!