Mother's Best Friend - Moringa Oil

For good reason, Moringa Oil is known as ‘Mother’s Best Friend.’ This one oil hashelped calm and nourish newborn babies’ skin for thousands of years.

It’s sublimely moisturizing and has the approval of mothers raising newborns in Africa and Kenya. Moringa Oil has been essential to Ayurvedic medicinal treatments for over 5000 years in India. This beautiful, rich oil has an uncanny ability to perform seemingly contradictory yet beneficial functions.

The Moringa Tree is called the ‘Tree of Life’ or the ‘Miracle Tree.’

This tree is a lifesaver. Many impoverished countries rely on the leaves from the Moringa Tree for their only income. The extract from the tiny Moringa leaves is used as a protective hair and skin oil, a medicinal treatment, and, remarkably, a food supplement that has helped combat malnutrition among infants and nursing mothers.

Moringa is considered one of the most nutrient-rich plants on our planet.

  • More than 90 bio-nutrients
  • 27 Vitamins including A, B, and C
  • 46 protective antioxidants
  • Nourishing minerals
  • All 8 essential amino acids

Moringa Oil is like a miracle for infants and nursing mothers.

We love what this elegant oil does for the fragile skin of newborns and pre-natal and post-natal moms. 

  • Soothes sensitive, irritated skin and scalp
  • Deeply hydrates and helps skin and hair retain moisture
  • Naturally cleanses without any oily residue
  • Conditions and imparts brilliant shine to hair
  • Reduces stretch marks and enhances supple skin
  • Helps natural skin repair so wrinkles and age spots diminish
  • Adds a natural glow and softness to the skin
  • Smooths skin with its luxuriously silky texture
  • Helps combat acne 
  • Protects skin from environmental damage and pollutants

The gentle golden Moringa Oil is high in skin-repairing, conditioning, and protecting Vitamins A, C, and E plus Omega 3.

  • “When an ingredient is so gentle, calming, and nourishing to the tenderest quality skin, it’s a blessing to everybody: kids, moms, dads, and the elderly. Friends and clients of all ages love what our products with Moringa Oil do for them. I consider this oil the secret ingredient that helps make Lil ‘O’ Blossom bath and body care exceptional.”

    Lorie Collins (Mother, Founder & CEO)