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Lil ‘O’ Blossom’s commitment to caring and dedication to offering quality formulas for the entire family remains to be our priority. We are extremely grateful to our loyal customers, the embrace from the medical industry and so honored to be able to provide quality Bath Care, Body Care, Pre and Postnatal Body Care and Diaper Care that is created with motherly wisdom and integrity to be superbly gentle, safely tested and effective. Made with the ancient simplicity of ‘Mothers Best Friend,’ Precious Moringa Oil.

Dr. Steven Abelowitz, M.D., FAAP, Coastal Kids Pediatric Medicine (Newport Beach, CA)

“With confidence, I recommend Lil ‘O’ Blossom products to my patients as well as others. When it comes to bath and body care, for babies and children, I find the products to be gentle and effective. Clearly, created with great care, integrity, and quality.”
- Dr. Steven Abelowitz, M.D., FAAP

Dr. Karen Fu, M.D., Family Medicine, board certified (Laguna Niguel, CA)

“I whole heartedly recommend Lil ‘O’ Blossom bath and body care products to my patients. Lil ‘O’ Blossom has been carefully created using gentle and safely tested ingredients. I love that the products are genuinely created by a mother with high standards where quality is concerned. The entire collection is intended for babies and children’s delicate skin while effectively nourishing from head-to-toe, without stripping away moisture. My own family uses Lil ‘O’ Blossom products and I recommend it to my patients without reservations.”
-Dr. Karen Fu, M.D.

Dr. Lisa M. Karamardian, M.D., Obstetrics, Gynecology Pacific Women’s Healthcare Associates (Newport Beach, CA)

“Lil ‘O’ Blossom products are amazing baby products. I confidently share them with my patients... it feels so good as a physician to finally be able to recommend products that are safely tested, effective and luxurious for the precious newborns that I deliver. The feedback has been terrific. I even recommend these products for my moms with sensitive skin – and they love it!”
-Dr. Lisa M. Karamardian, M.D.

Alexandra Spitz, Founder, The New Mom School (Newport Beach, CA)

“I am so grateful that I have finally found a line of products (Lil ‘O’ Blossom) that are both safely tested AND effective for my boys and one that I can proudly recommend to new moms in our classes! Thanks for creating something that truly benefits little ones!”
-Founder, Alexandra Spitz

Customer Testimonials

“I love your products and they smell amazing!”-Cameran Eubanks of Bravo’s Southern Charm 

“I love everything…  Gentle Shampoo & Detangling Conditioner, Silky Lotion & Nourishing Baby Body Oil.” -Allison 

“I recommend to my patients trying the Daily Protection Diaper Balm specifically for perineal comfort and support and the Tender Newborn Wash for babies” -Dr. Lisa Karamardian 

“Tried Hospital sample of Tender Newborn wash and love it!” -Diana S.

 “I Love the knowledge that comes with POOSH. Lil ‘O’ Blossom Silky Body Lotion was highlighted as Kourtney Kardashians life style company named POOSH, as Kourtney’s daughters, Penelope’s favorite body lotion.” Thank you! -Efstasia Karahalios

Let’s just say I am from a family of K’s… I LOVE the Baby Oil- it's amazing. -Anonymous

“My Pediatrician recommended that I use Lil ‘O’ Blossom Baby Oil for my newborn baby’s cradle cap and it worked… I LOVE this baby Oil!”  Rebecca A. 

I love the baby wash because that’s what they used in the hospital when my daughter was born. She is 15 months now and the smell of the wash reminds me of her first bath. -Shannon Burns 

My favorite products are body oil, silken body lotion and diaper balm. The body oil is very easy to be absorbed, and body lotion is very silken and smells really good. I like the diaper cream is the oil one, you just need a little bit and it’s easy to be put on. -Zhu Zhu 

“The Lotion is AMAZING! Smells so good! Christy W.

I love the shampoo because it leaves my son’s hair soft and it’s tear free -Patricia M

The Fresh Body Wash is my favorite. It’s very moisturizing and leaves your skin super soft.   Product rinses well.  The scent is very soft. – Joni Hanson 

The body wash is my favorite. It leaves my baby’s skin feeling amazing -Neelam  

I love the lotion and body wash!!! –Caroline 

I am a 60-year-old woman and my most favorite Lil ‘O’ Blossom products is the Nourishing Baby Oil and I am obsessed! I apply the oil after my bath each night and it makes my skin extremely hydrated, soft and silky smooth, I wish I started using this oil 20 years ago! -Mary Beth P. 

The Newborn baby wash is amazing. -Sarah 

“These products are truly incredible!! I have been constantly using (other company) product on my baby since she was born. Her hair was always coarse, and she started showing signs of having extremely sensitive skin-especially her scalp. (other company) wasn't helping at all and her scalp started to itch and peel. It looked very painful. So, we resorted to coconut oil to help her scalp and although it did help, it left her hair very oily. Just with one use of Lil 'O' Blossom shampoo and conditioner, her hair is so incredibly soft and shiny! I didn't think her hair would ever be soft! The most amazing part of it all, the oils inside these products helped treat her scalp! It's not itchy anymore for her and it's not peeling! It looks incredible! Once I used the body wash, I saw an incredible difference too! It left her skin soft and smelling so good! (Other company) didn't do anything and she didn't smell like anything at all. As if she hadn't had a bath at all. Which I did not like. Then when it came time to give her a little massage with the baby oil, body lotion, and diaper balm- what a HUGE difference!!!! Her skin stays soft till the next day and smelling so sweet! Her skin is so sensitive and is prone to eczema and with this product it has helped keeping it away!!! I am absolutely in love with these products and will continue buying it for my baby girl!! It's a miracle worker! -Lauren B. 

I love the lotion! Smells sooo good and feels great -Dana S. 

“My daughter and I had extremely silky and smooth hair after trying Lil ‘O’ Blossom product. The product smelled great, took the tangles out of our thick hair and I will definitely buy it again. I liked the fact that it was naturally gentle, too. In addition, the lotion was easily absorbed into our skin and smelled so good.”   -Mary Castro 

Newborn wash is so gentle and smells amazing –Rachel 

 “I've tried the rescue diaper cream and daily protection diaper balm and love them!” – Ashley S. 

My favorite products are the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It feels and smells like heaven! –Taylor Kerrigan 

“I have tried the shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and baby lotion. I LOVE the smell and quality and ingredients!”  -Katherine M. 

Shampoo is my favorite because I love the way it makes my baby’s hair smell. 

Body wash because it’s gentler on her skin compared to honest company. –Jenn Fawn 

“We use Lil' O' Blossom Detangling Conditioner with their gentle shampoo and they are such a great pair! I've tried several natural products like this, including leading brands, but I've found this works so much better and they actually smell amazing and luxurious! Unlike most natural products that leave you smelling like nothing at all, and usually not feeling very clean either. My son's hair and scalp have improved tremendously since we started using this! He had severe cradle cap as a newborn and is very sensitive to most products, so this has been a lifesaver! I recommend using the conditioner with the gentle shampoo because they both work wonders!” -Chandra Socha 

The oil and the moisturizer are the best- both are so moisturizing for my baby girl’s dry skin. Also, it absorbs well and doesn’t stain garments!  I love everything I’ve tried and to top it off I love the scent. -Lisa S. 

“We have been using Lil ‘O’ Blossom for over two years now. I feel confident that I am using high-quality products with only the best ingredients on my daughter… and even myself! My hair gets very tangled after shampooing, so a good conditioner is very important to me. Being a hairstylist in Southern California, I have tried many products and Lil ‘O’ Blossom stands up right there with some of the best! Another plus…You can’t beat the smell!”  -Abby P. 

I love the baby shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. They are so gentle and smell amazing, been using since my daughter was a newborn and she’s 3 now -Jenny 

“The Lotion is the best—I love the smell and feel.” -Valerie. A 

“Even though the Lil ‘O’ Blossom Shampoo and Conditioner products were created for “Healthy Babies”, I have discovered they work extraordinarily well on the thinning and fine hair of seniors like me. At 83, my hair has always had a problem being oily and needed using shampoo nearly daily for comfort and looks. I am delighted to say these excellent products have solved my hair challenges completely and I would recommend them to anyone, young or old.”  -John H. 

“I absolute adore this product! I just wanted to say how much I like it. I’ve been using your products for my five-year-old daughter for almost 2 weeks now & the improvement in her hair and skin is amazing. The Lil'O'Blossom Gentle Shampoo Moringa Oil, Rice Extract and Soy Proteins together with Lil'O'Blossom Detangling Conditioner make her hair so healthy and shiny. Prior to discover Lil'O'Blossom products, I was using different top brands, but they were not working so well on my daughter’s hair. Now, I am happy. The result is amazing. Additionally, I would like to highlight Lil'O'Blossom Silky Body Lotion that hydrates the skin of my little one so well and makes it silky soft. Thankfully, I came across this brand – thank you or producing such healthy and fantastic products!”  -Nicole Stafford 

‘We use the body wash, oil and lotion. I use them on my 2-month old and three-year-old. I also use the oil in my hands. I love how nourishing it is while not being greasy. I find your products to be natural and pure feeling with a bit of decadence.”  -Aja C. 

“My daughter LOVED the Tender Newborn Wash for her first born!  I will be ordering this product again for her new baby on the way! It’s a wonderful product! It smells so good too”.  -Carolyn C. 

“Tried Hospital sample and love it!” -Diana James

“I love, love love this lotion! I am a sixty-year-old woman who travels a lot, all over the world. It’s so important to stay hydrated and take care of my skin. This is the most effective lotion I’ve ever used. It keeps my skin from drying out and my hands stay smooth all day! I also love the delicate, mild scent!” -Leticia Trabucco

“This is honestly the best baby shampoo I've ever really loved I've tried all types of different shampoos for my daughter's cradle cap and I never really thought this wash would really work because the hospital gave it to me, but it was actually really good.” -Mellisa

“I use the body lotion and shampoo for myself and I love it. It definitely leaves your skin smoother plus I love the smell.” -Roxy, Manager of Mon Beau Bebe-

I love the shampoo! My very fine and thinning hair (I call it frog fur), actually develops some volume when I blow it out. Thank you!!  -Alexander I. 

“My daughter and I were thrilled with the Mama and Me lip balm duo. It was part of our mother/daughter time. She really enjoyed the different scents and colors of the two balms. Being Autistic she is really sensitive to smells but she loved these and I do too! Also, she liked having something just like mommy. She even took them to bed with her. Thanks Lil O Blossom. It's so lovely to have a beauty product for both mother and child that's so natural and gentle.” - Lisa Marie Boone

“I am an older woman and want to let you know that I love to apply the Silky Body lotion to my skin in the morning, under my makeup and at night, before going to sleep. This lotion is calming, makes my skin feel smooth and well-hydrated. This babe highly recommends it!”  -Elizabeth

‘I LOVE your products!’ -Leslie Vasquez