The Science Behind Lil 'O' Blossom



Fresh, Time-Released Nutrients for Tender Skin

What Are Oleosomes?

Oleosomes are microscopic spheres of soothing natural plant oils infused with natural vitamins and protected, or encapsulated, by a protein coat. Naturally found in oil-bearing plant seeds of Safflower, Sunflower, and Almonds, Oleosomes store the plant energy used by the seeds until they germinate. Derived from Mother Nature, Oleosomes are naturally gentle.


Why We Chose Oleosomes for Tender Skin

100% natural Oleosomes are pure and oh so gentle for skin and hair. Oleosomes are an innovative solution to delivering rich, wholesome, dynamic essential vitamins and minerals to the skin. This is because the fresh, active ingredients are protected in the natural protein coating and are only released when applied to the skin. This means that the ingredients inside the Oleosome do not lose their effectiveness or become ‘stale.’ They are delivered deeply into the skin for truly superior performance and long-term nourishment and hydration.