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Welcome to Lil ‘O’ Blossom’s Gift Plan… Created for efficiency and convenience. Our Pro-Active Gift Delivery Service showers your Friends and Loved Ones with Bath & Body Care Essentials, delivered directly to their doorstep, helping to make life a little easier, especially for New Mothers and Fathers.

It's as easy as ABC!

A. You choose a gift
B. You choose the duration (3, 6 or 9-months supply)
C. We ship the gift supply to the recipient's doorstep (Please provide recipients shipping address at checkout).


Sally’s dear friend has just given birth to her 2nd baby! Sally wants to congratulate her friend with a meaningful gift that helps make life a little easier at this exciting time. Sally knows that Lil ‘O’ Blossom’s Bath & Body Care Gift Plan will be the perfect gift for a busy, new mother.

* Sally chooses Lil ‘O’ Blossom Tender Newborn Wash – a gesture of TLC for her friend’s precious newborn.
* Sally selects a 3-month supply, a gift that offers both affection and convenience.
* Lil ‘O’ Blossom delivers to Sally’s friend a beautifully packaged, 3-month supply of Lil ‘O’ Blossom Tender Newborn Wash. One less thing for the new mother to worry about.

We are delighted to help make life a little easier!  One order, one delivery, and your Loved One is covered for months.